This fund derives from the belief that the best way to ensure that individuals are healthy and responsible members of their community is to give them the best start possible; therefore, the purpose of this fund is to advance initiatives that support and develop pre-natal health, early childhood development and the enrichment of children’s learning and social environments through the adolescent and teenage years. Preference will be given to those requests that affect children at the earliest stages of development.

“We have been supporting Fundy Community Foundation since its inception. A number of years ago we were looking for a way to give back into the community where we have raised our family and made our living, but we wanted to do it in a way that would be flexible and responsive to community needs. Knowing that communities have broad needs and many strengths that people will work to build, we didn’t want to be locked in to a narrowly focused philanthropy. We were looking for a way to make our giving responsive and dynamic at the same time. As fortune would have it, this was at exactly the same time that the Fundy Community Foundation was coming into being. It suited our purpose ideally.”