Applications will re-open Spring 2025.

Fundy Community Foundation holds an annual community grantmaking program to support the work of eligible charitable organizations that serve the communities of southwestern New Brunswick.

Registered Canadian charitable organizations and other qualified applicants, as described in the Income Tax Act, may apply for Community Grants for projects that improve the quality of life for the people of southwestern New Brunswick.

Successful applicants are required to submit feedback on their project within 3 months of approved deadline for project completion.

What if you are not a qualified Donee?

An organization that is not a qualified donee wishing to apply for funding from FCF, to carry out their charitable purposes, must first establish a partnership with a qualified donee. If you are successful in receiving a grant, we send the grant to your fiscal partner who then distributes the funds to your organization, as your initiative progresses.

The partnership between the qualified donee and the non-profit organization needs to be an appropriate affiliation (i.e. a charity that plants trees should not align itself with a non-profit that provides interior design/architectural services for affordable housing). It also needs to be documented, with agreement terms including a full description of what is being funded, and clearly outline the responsibilities of both parties.

Your fiscal partner will be required to sign off on a Fiscal Partnership Agreement (pdf) that should be submitted with your application for funding to CFC.

Fundy Community Foundation favours applications that:

  • meet the needs of the community in coordination with other local grantmaking bodies

  • address the root causes of problems in the community rather than symptoms

  • embodies an efficient use of community resources

  • involves an innovative and cooperative approach to the challenges facing communities, and

  • is supported by volunteer participation, citizen involvement and/or funding from other sources.

    Note: While FCF tends not to give grants to large budget capital projects, it will consider applications for seed money to raise funds for large budget capital projects.

Fundy Community Foundation Community Grants are not provided for:  

  • partisan, religious or political purposes

  • retiring debt

  • covering deficits

  • individuals

  • annual campaigns

  • retroactive expenses against a project

  • endowment funds

  • fundraising activities of an applicant organization

  • core operating costs (administrative and/or equipment)

  • ongoing advertising/marketing of the organization (vs advertising/marketing of the project)



Once a call for proposals is issued, follow these steps:

Step 1
Visit our online Grant Portal and create a new account (if you don’t have one already).

Step 2
Select the application you would like to submit from the list, complete the application and click ‘Submit Application’.

Step 3
Successful applicants will receive a congratulatory email with information regarding reporting requirements and deadlines.
Unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter communicating the Board/fund advisor’s decision.


Step 1
Find a charitable partner to sponsor your project. Some examples of charitable partners may include:

Step 2
Invite your charitable partner to create an organization profile on our grant portal (if they don’t already have one) and start an application.

Step 3
Your charitable partner may wish to complete the entire application themselves; however, your charitable partner will have the option to add you as a collaborator on the application, if desired. This option will allow you, as the project host, to enter the project details and budget. The application must be signed and submitted by a representative of the qualified donee, and the financial statements uploaded should be those of the qualified donee.

Step 4
If your project is selected to receive a grant, your charitable partner will receive a grant agreement to sign and return to us. FCF will then issue payment to your charitable partner.
Please note: it is the responsibility of both partner organizations to ensure there is a written agreement in place before the application is submitted. This agreement should outline the responsibilities of each organization and how the grant funds will be handled. Click here for more information on partnership agreements.