H.W. (“Wes”) Welch was born on Deer Island, N.B. in 1893. Following his early education he joined the Bank of Nova Scotia in St. Andrews and then attended Acadia University where he earned a degree in business administration. He was a lifelong entrepreneur. His business interests included the sardine packing company, H.W. Welch Ltd., general stores, weirs, ground fish processing, car ferries and mail and freight boat services. Mr. Welch was active on the Charlotte County Board of Trade and with provincial and national fishery associations. He served on the Wartime Prices and Trade Board in Ottawa for a three-year period. Mr. Welch’s community interests included his membership in the Masonic Order, the Shriners and his role as prime mover in the establishment of secondary school facilities on Deer Island in the late 1930’s. He died in 1967. The H.W. Welch Family Scholarship fund is to be awarded to graduates of Fundy High School, St. George., NB with a strong preference given to residents of Deer Islandpursuing further education in the field of business at any post secondary institution in the Atlantic Provinces.